Gratitude and Synchronicity

I’m starting a log of all the small synchronicities that bombard me on a daily basis.  Or should I say “small” synchronicities, because we assign size – greatness or smallness – to things; that size isn’t inherent in them.  I’ve been noticing more and more that, when I think of, talk about, mention or ponder an item, for which I often need clarification, that item will show up in my existence within a relatively short period of time, as long as there is no resistance surrounding it.  Sometimes it shows up immediately; sometimes it takes a little longer and shows up the following day.

My brother and I recently got together to watch tv and hang out at his house.  We chatted about movies, tv shows, actors, etc. for several hours.  Almost every single one of those movies, shows or actors that we discussed showed up within our experience during the course of the evening in some way, either while scrolling through the guide on the tv or Netflix, or while searching the internet on his laptop for other things.  There were one or two items that didn’t show up immediately.  Those showed up in my internet ramblings the following day.

This kind of stuff happens to us every time we get together.  And I’m noticing it happening to me more and more all the time.  I know that what you focus on will show up if you don’t have resistance surrounding your thoughts about it.  So I intend to focus on, and document, every synchronous event that happens to me in the following days, weeks and months.  If I focus on them joyfully, more will show up.  I’ve been asking the universe to show me the answers to my “small” questions, and they’ve been showing up.  The more they show up, the more I begin to trust that they will.  Soon I will be able to ask for “bigger” things with the same trust and assurance that they will show up.  This is gonna be fun.


#1)  Two nights ago while on the phone, Shane and I were discussing a movie that, according to my research, took place in Kamchatka.  I mentioned that the only other time I’ve ever heard that name was in a board game that I used to play with an ex a long time ago.   We both could describe the game as involving the process of world domination, but we couldn’t remember the name of it.  Last night, while watching an episode of Ground Floor, the main character, Brody, happened to mention that his favorite game was – you guessed it – Risk!

#2)  This morning while lying in bed before I got up, I was remembering an article I had read some time ago about the ten most published English language books, one of them being The Art of War, the author of which I thought was Lao Tzu.  It crossed my mind that Lao Tzu might not be the one I was thinking of.  I asked the universe to show me the answer.  This evening while surfing the internet, I came across a new book called The Mentally Quiet Athlete.  I opened a sample chapter to see if I was interested in reading it. The chapter opened with a quote from Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching.  I googled The Art of War to find that Sun Tzu was the author of it.

#3)  The third item on this list isn’t necessarily synchronous, but it was indeed serendipitous.  I have been thinking of writing a book.  And after kicking around a few ideas, I landed on one that will be beneficial, not only to others, but also to myself.  I’ve decided that I will finally start using the law of attraction to my advantage instead of fighting against it – and subsequently, losing every time.  I have set the intention to do the following three things to kickstart this process and turn the momentum in the right direction:

1) Start noticing and documenting all the synchronicities in my life.  The more I notice, the more will show up.

2)  Acknowledge the things that I am grateful for, not only every day, but all throughout the day.  The more I focus on my blessings, the more will show up.

3)  Find joy and do at least one thing that makes me happy every day.  The more I intend to focus on finding joy and being happy, the more joy and happiness will flow into my life.

4)  Acknowledge low energy thoughts such as sadness, depression, defeat, fear, etc., when they occur, but then release them as soon as possible to focus on the things listed in numbers 1, 2 & 3 above.  The more positive thoughts I think, the more the law of attraction will bring to me thoughts (and eventually events) just like them.

By practicing these four fairly simple steps on a regular basis, I have set the intention to turn my life around and heal myself.  For almost six years I have given myself over to severe autoimmune illnesses.  These “diseases” have caused me to lose my job, have an extreme lack of money along with an inability to make enough to support myself, lose friends, lose my car, lose my home, leave the city that I love and all my friends behind, move in with friends and family, give up singing with the band, gain a substantial amount of weight, and believe that I was not worthy of a love relationship because of all of the above since no one would ever want a sick, fat, broke, loser who lived in their parent’s attic.  Well, I no longer wanna live that way.  I have made up my mind that things are gonna change.  There is no reason to live this way any longer.  I intend to heal myself.  Abraham says that any “illness” can be cured if we could learn to change our thoughts about it.  That’s what these steps are all about.  I set this intention a couple of weeks ago, and so far, it’s working.

So I’ve decided that the best idea for a book, for me anyway, the one that would flow the free-est, would be to tell the story of how I cured myself and changed my life.  There are hundreds of books chronicling life-altering experiences; people do love inspiration stories.  So I will “journal the journey.”  And once this journey, or rather this phase of my journey, is complete, I will write a book based on the journal.  I know that it will sell because I have set the intention that it will.  And once I have cured myself of disease and altered all the “bad things” in my life, I will be a master at LOA.  There will be nothing that I cannot do or be or have.  And I intend to do and be and have it all.

The idea for this book actually came to me during book club this evening while we were discussing possible titles to read in the upcoming months.  Every book that was discussed that had an inspirational theme to it seemed to generate a form of excitement.  And while discussing the book that was read for November, “This Year I Will”,  two of the questions addressed whatever goals we have set for ourselves and what we have done that we’re most proud of.  Those two things sort of collided in my mind, along with the inspirational theme.  I decided then that that would be the theme of my book.  I would write about how I was going to cure myself.  I was kicking around titles in my head, things like “Heal Thyself.”  But I knew I wanted something different.  Something not too stuffy or lofty or intimidating or condescending.  I needed something simple, yet catchy.  I released the question to the universe to bring me the right title.

So this evening, after clearing up the dilemma of Lao Tzu vs. Sun Tzu, I was reading some of Lao Tzu’s quotes.  And believe me, there are alot of them.  I was looking for one in particular, or so I thought.  I scrolled lazily to the bottom of the page, getting frustrated because I couldn’t find what I thought I was looking for.  By the time I reached the bottom and had read almost all of them, my mind had drifted and I almost didn’t read the last two, which were actually the same quote – the second being an annotated version of the first:  “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  A single step!  That’s it! That’s exactly where I am right now in this stage of the game, at the beginning of my journey.  A journey that must start with a single step.  Abraham always says you are where you are and you have to start where you are.  I have been too busy looking around at my circumstances, my “reality,” and letting all of what I perceived as obstacles hold me back, keep me down.  If I am source energy in a physical body, if I am truly god-force, then there is nothing that can stop me.

So now I start this journal of the journey with a single step – this blog.

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