Further Evidence from the “Universe” (TUT)

Further evidence of synchronicity being all around me.  Yesterday I was noticing and pondering that I often have sort of arguments inside my own head in anticipation of what others are going to say.  I anticipate somebody else’s reaction to something I’ve done or said, and then I proceed to defend myself against that reaction.  Heatedly defend sometimes.  And sometimes out loud.  Most of the time those people don’t have that reaction.  In fact, MOST of the time, they’re never even aware of the item that I thought would need defending.

So this morning, while catching up on emails, I happened to read Mike Dooley’s daily “Note from the Universe.”  I love love love these and have been getting them for years.  They are almost always spot on to what’s going on in my head at the time.  (Further evidence.)  This morning’s said, “The loudest arguments happen in your own head, and your greatest opponent is yourself.”  Wow.  Proverbial nail on the head.  He is so so right.  I’ve set the intention to try not to do that anymore.  I know it won’t change overnight because the momentum from the LOA will have to catch up, but I’m determined to at least start toning it down.  I’ve also asked the universe to point out whenever I’m doing it, as soon as I start doing it, so that I’m aware and can consciously pivot toward more positive thoughts.  The universe has been very good lately at smacking me on the head every time I jump on the negative thoughts train.

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