The Universe Provides (Gratitudes and Synchronicities All Rolled Into One)

The universe provided us with unsolicited oil today. Yesterday Dad mentioned that he was gonna have to order oil from Southern States since we were down to about 40 gallons. Today he happened to notice an employee of Southern States pumping oil into our oil pipe (whatever that thing is called). When questioned about what the heck he was doing, the guy said he was delivering our 150 gallons of oil. Dad urged him to check the actual name and address on the order. Turns out, it was for Uncle Donnie who lives two houses down. The guy was just finishing up pumping when all this went done. He looked horrifed for a moment, till Dad said he needed oil anyway and just wrote him a check for it. Talk about a synchronicity! We just mentioned oil yesterday, and it showed up today. Woo hoo!

I am also grateful that the little black beagle-mix dog that showed up on our doorstep a couple of months ago may be going to a good home on Wednesday.  I contacted Susan Davis last night since she runs Sophie’s Haven for animals that need rescuing/fostering/adopting.  She asked for pics, which I took today and posted on FB.  Within just a few hours Susan PM’ed me to say she’d found a possible home for him, when she had thought maybe she might only be able to find him a temporary foster home in a week or so.  So Ralphie, as we’ve been calling him, is going to meet his potential new family on Wednesday evening.  I’ll miss him, but I’m thrilled that he may be “going home.”

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